London Author Fair at Foyles & Indie Recon

In the Author Lounge at London Book Fair I kept my mouth shut (for once) while being told that indie authors need to a)stop being so arrogant and b) indie book covers aren’t nearly as professional as properly published books.

Publishing still seems like a dinosaur profession to me. It’s so different from the tv and film world from which I hail. There, independents are admired as mavericks,risk takers, who challenge the status quo. Yet indie authors are regarded with suspicion (still) by the publishing industry.

So it was a great relief then to go to Indie Recon at Foyles on Friday and listen to the stars of the indie publishing world – CJ Lyons, Nick Stephenson, Rachel Abbott, JF Penn and Steena Holmes tell us that all that matters is your reader.

At the Author Fair (organised by author collective Triskele)

Lambert Nagle Book Signing @ Foyles

Lambert Nagle Book Signing @ Foyles

where we members of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors) got the chance to sell our books to the public, I came away from there determined to make a go of getting the print copy of Revolution Earth into bookshops and libraries.

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