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Writing Better Dialogue

Writing great dialogue is an art. To me, it has to be up to the same standard as screen dialogue. If you cover up the dialogue and can’t tell which character is speaking then the dialogue needs rewriting.

Some good advice in this piece:

Using odd syntax & some slang is better way to convey accent than spelling out phonetically suggests Rowena Macdonald


Going Free on Amazon – with Zero Marketing

Here are the results of my little experiment for Revolution Earth:

Zero Marketing Day Results
Yesterday I conducted a little experiment. I’m running a BookBub ad today(UK only)and on Friday December 5th one in the US with Kindle Books & Tips. Because the BookBub rules state that your book has to be discounted at 12.00am PST (Pacific Standard Time)on the day of your promotion I decided to make it free a day earlier. It’s as well I did as in fact Amazon didn’t set it at free until an hour later – 0100 PST (0900 GMT).

I decided to see if I could get any downloads with no marketing from me just to see what happened.

266 downloads Amazon US,
17 Amazon UK,
4 Canada,
2 India.

None in Australia but that could have been because of the time difference as the promo starts at 12.00am PST (Pacific Standard Time) (8.00am UK time) and the evening by then in NZ and Australia.

What does this prove about marketing? Dunno. Maybe we just got lucky. Or it proves that there’s still an appetite for free books out there.

But one thing’s for sure, the Amazon algorithm doesn’t discriminate so for one heady moment a novel about crazy Kiwi eco-warriors who want to blow up an oil refinery in Australia was at number 1 Free in Political thrillers on the US Amazon site.

Whether you love or loathe Amazon, what it does do is give writers from other countries other than the US (to misquote former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd who seemed to have made up this expression) a ‘fair suck of the sauce bottle.’Screenshot 2014-12-02 07.33.57