So What if it’s a Three Star Review?

Readers’ Favourite is a US site. I can tell that the reviewer has read the story thoroughly. And I’ll fully admit that Fractured is short – (it is a short story after all…). In short, we’re grateful that the reviewer took the time to review….

Reviewed By Heather Osborne for Readers’ Favorite

I chose your prequel short story “Fractured” to review on behalf of Readers’ Favorite. Let me start by saying that I understand this is meant to set up your novel “Revolution Earth” and I have taken that into consideration while writing this review. Upon beginning my read, I found myself confused when it came to some of the terminology. I would have liked to see you define terms that may not be familiar to every reader, such as “fracking.” I had to go to my dictionary to figure out what the term meant. I also felt thrown into a story that I knew very little about. I could not relate to either Jonie or Cara because I did not know enough about them in regards to what role they might play in the subsequent novel.

I believe that in a prequel, you should set the stage for the novel. I did not feel that this short story made me want to find out more or read the novel. As a reader, I felt a bit dissatisfied with the story. What I would have liked was more description, a better understanding of Jonie and Cara’s relationship, and what Tariq’s involvement was in the fracking industry as a simple courier company owner. Overall, I think the story needs a bit of work before it can be adequately called a prequel. I hope you will take my criticisms constructively and perhaps look at making some changes so the story is more palatable to the reader.
Awarded Three stars

2 thoughts on “So What if it’s a Three Star Review?

  1. Brenda Cheers

    I received a three-star review yesterday. It was from a well-respected reviewer who (wisely) hands out four and five star reviews sparingly. The review was complimentary. I have no complaints.
    It is good to see that you’ve found positives in your three-star review as well. 😉


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