Writers talk about their work – Brenda Cheers

Here is the fabulous Brenda Cheers – a writer I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through Goodreads. Brenda has a demanding day job yet still manages to write two books a year.
That takes some doing. After reading Brenda’s post it makes me realise that no matter how many ideas a writer may have you don’t get anywhere unless you have those all-important personal qualities of drive, energy and enthusiasm to get the work done. Brenda, you are an inspiration!

The Opposite of Inertia

I was invited to join this blog tour by the lovely Alison Ripley Cubitt (Lambert Nagle). We met on the Goodreads website.
Alison is an author, screenwriter and novelist who co-writes thrillers as Lambert Nagle. She has worked in television and film production for the BBC and Walt Disney, but her passion has always been for writing. She loves to explore the countryside on a horse, a bicycle or on foot.

Now, about me.

What am I working on?
I have two works in progress. I completed the first draft of a new novel (which explores the friendship between two women) five weeks ago and am ‘resting’ it before starting the second draft.
Right now I’m drafting the third in the “Strange Worlds” series. “In Strange Worlds” was originally meant to be a stand-alone work, but my fans insisted on a sequel which became “In a Time Where They…

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