Kindle Singles: Short Formats on Amazon


When I first heard the name Kindle Singles, I thought that it was Amazon’s foray into the dating business – a place, perhaps where bookish nerds, fed up with just their e-readers for company, could hook up. 


But I am being flippant here, and Kindle Singles isn’t merely a lonely hearts club, but a far more serious initiative, where anyone can submit original, quality work of a length of 5000 to 30,000 words. Amazon has spotted a gap in the market as these word lengths fit somewhere between the space limitations for magazines and journals and the longer format of print books.  For the few remaining outlets that still exist for the print publication of short stories, for example, you still have to write to a word length.  But because of space constraints the limit even for literary fiction is 5000 words.  But if you want to write a longer piece you really didn’t have anywhere to send it to – until now.


And of course, many of the writing competitions or journals that still publish short stories want either chick lit and women’s fiction or literary fiction.  If your work doesn’t fit into either of these categories then your options were limited.  


Kindle Singles is work that is commissioned and has to, therefore, go through a selection process.  You can submit a written pitch, a manuscript, as well as a recent self-published ebook, provided that you have published via their Kindle Direct Publishing platform.  This can be fiction, essays, memoirs or personal narratives.  At the time of writing the genres that Amazon were not accepting are children’s books, how-to manuals, public domain works, reference books and travel guides. 


So to all of you writers out there, who may have shorter pieces of writing languishing about, all dressed up with nowhere to publish them, why not give Kindle Singles a shot?






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