Books on the Underground

Books on the Underground is an imaginative scheme to help ease the pain of the London commute.  We’re thrilled to be part of it.  So in case you’re travelling on the London Underground in the next few weeks.. look out, a copy of Revolution Earth could be lurking!


2 thoughts on “Books on the Underground

  1. Kathleen Dixon

    Great idea. I could want to live in London just so I could look for and leave books!
    I did BookCrossing for a while here in Auckland and had a couple of books that I’d left ‘found and tracked’, which was neat. But I didn’t really have any safe places I could leave books, and was told by someone that a book I left in what I thought was a really good spot got picked up by a cleaner and thrown in the rubbish. Local BookCrossers had arranged with a cafe to have a drop-spot, but it unfortunately wasn’t somewhere easily accessible by me. Pity.

  2. Lambert Nagle Post author

    Books on the Underground put a sticker on these books, identifying that they’re part of the scheme. I think if I did my own DIY BookCrossing I’d put a sticker on them too, now that you’ve told me about your experience in Auckland. I was planning to bring a couple of books with me to NZ on my next trip. I might leave the books in Wellington, instead!


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