The Cliff-hanger Ending – Episode 10 The Killing

Last night on BBC 4 fans of Forbrydelsen (The Killing) watched the cliff-hanger to end all cliff-hanger endings in the final episode of Season 3 as Sarah Lund took the decision to sacrifice her own happiness in order to honour a promise she had made to bring a killer to justice.

And no, I wouldn’t be so mean as to divulge the details in case you haven’t had a chance to see it – but suffice to say that Sarah, despite having one disaster after another heaped upon her at work, was, for the first time in her life, finally starting to achieve a semblance of a home life.  In her own clumsy way she was trying to fix things with her damaged son Mark. She had admitted her failings as a mother and persuaded Mark that just because he was damaged and had been badly parented, it didn’t mean that it was inevitable that he would repeat the same negative pattern of behaviour with his new-born baby.

And unlikely as it may sound, she had, at last, found a man who not only loved her for who she was but who she knew well enough that he wouldn’t be likely to want to try to change her.  They were even talking about moving in together, with Borch grumbling that her place was too small for the both of them.  “We’ll build an extension, then,” was Sarah’s reply.  I don’t know about you but as soon as a character as emotionless and socially awkward as Sarah Lund starts behaving as though she is about to organise a bridal shower, there is something in me that goes, uh oh, one of them is for the chop.

Even though the writer Soren Sveistrup and the actor, Sofie Gråbøl, have been quoted in the press as saying that they have had enough of The Killing and want to move on to other projects, the decision to leave the audience with an open ending, was rather an afterthought.  For all of us fans out there, this was a relief as even three seasons was never going to be enough.  Even though The Killing is unlikely to come back again soon and although Sarah doesn’t seem to be looking forward to much of a life – I do hope the producers are able to resurrect her again.  After all she still has to prove that Louise’s killer had struck before and was in fact a serial killer.  And I for one, am burning to know if she and Borch will ever get to live together in the house with the extension.  It seems unlikely though, doesn’t it?

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