Writing Tips for Novelists & Screenwriters

I’ve just posted the first 10,000 words of my latest e-book, a non-fiction instructional work-in-progress, called Writing Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters onto the critiquing website, Authonomy, http://authonomy.com/books/47847/writing-tips-for-novelists-screenwriters-/ where I am looking for feedback and peer review.

Now that I’ve written both a novel and a number of screenplays, I realised that there are many more similarities than there are differences, particularly for writing genre fiction. I realised that the process of writing a novel as opposed to writing a screenplay is not so very different. Both require an ability to tell a story and a way to assembling the story into a particular order, in other words a plot, characters and characterisation, dialogue and above all an understanding that a first draft is not a finished product. Equally as important as the building blocks to create the work are the personal qualities needed to complete the work in the first place. A writer needs to have the ability to deal with constructive criticism and not to take this personally.

Long pitch: This is my attempt at bringing together everything I have learnt from my teaching and my own writing in the hope that you will find some of the tips and examples in this book to be useful in your fiction.

Illustrating the teaching points are examples from films and TV drama from classic screenplays such as Casablanca to modern classics such as Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Star Wars Episode IV and The English Patient.

There might be thousands of would-be writers out there dreaming of writing a novel or screenplay but it takes a special sort of person, like you, to see the project through to the end. This book is for you.
Alison Ripley Cubitt Winchester 2012

Your feedback needed
This is aimed at emerging writers and I’m particularly interested in receiving feedback from those of you who write genre fiction – particularly those of you that write fantasy, thrillers and romantic fiction. It is very much a work-in-progress and I know that it needs editing and that’s why I’ve chosen to ask the Authonomy community for their assistance.

List of Contents

Getting Started
Motivation and How to Keep Going
Creating Unforgettable Characters
Character Functions
The Antagonist in Fiction – Villains and Bad Guys
Genre Fiction – Love Stories to Mythic Storytelling
Story and Plot
Pace and Structure
Rewrites and Editing
How to Give and Receive Criticism
How to Market a Screenplay
References & Further Reading

2 thoughts on “Writing Tips for Novelists & Screenwriters

    1. Lambert Nagle Post author

      Thanks somuch for this tip, Dan. Am aiming to include as many website links to interesting sites as I can in the reference section.


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