Only the Innocent

Only the Innocent is perhaps the best example there is of the new breed of indie published novels. It’s as professionally written as any you will find published by mainstream publishers – from the arresting cover image to the formatting – little details they may be, but in the world of indie publishing – this makes this novel a stand-out.

I came across Only the Innocent at the end of November 2011, as our books were launched on a writing critique website at the same time – and well before Rachel had become the epublishing sensation of 2012. Let me declare my interest here: Rachel runs an incredibly helpful blog and I have learnt more about ebook marketing and publishing from that than any other source. In return, the least I can do is write a proper review of her novel.

It is cleverly plotted and skilfully woven and there is very thorough attention to detail. Rachel is obviously putting her experience of writing an interactive version of Cluedo to good use.

This reader, who is a little less in awe of social status and power than Laura must have been, failed to see any charm in Hugo at all. It is almost as though the author anticipates that readers might not suspend their disbelief over whether or not a woman would stay with such a charmless sadist, so time and time again, Rachel Abbott comes up with credible reasons. In the early stages of the book I wondered why there were so many letters that were never sent, but yet again, the author comes up with a good enough reason for me to go – okay, I’m in capable hands – now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the story.

Rachel is perhaps better known for her skilful marketing of Only the Innocent – and one thing is for sure, she knows exactly who her readers are. As a fellow author, I can only admire her for that.
I rate this book 4.5 stars and great value at £1.99.

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